Whether you are setting the scene for your corporate event or your dream wedding, we have a variety of scenery in stock.  Looking for something more specialized?  It is our passion to work with your team to create the perfect custom scenery for a jaw-dropping event.



Custom Scenery
Projection-Mapping Panels
Bailey Flats
Echo Panels
Ribbon Panels

A series of concave and convex flats that can be arranged in several ways. They can be either hung or ground supported with endless lighting possibilities.

Chemetal Scenery 

We carry a set of chemical panels with an overlapping circle design. 

Chemetal is a lightweight material that can be cut to any specifications. Lightweight and easy to install, it is great for an industrial look.

Scenic Tiles

Available for rent:

-LED Lightboxes

-Wave Tiles

-MBP Tiles

-Chemetal Tiles

Screen Surrounds

We offer custom screen surrounds to best compliment your stage, screen, and scenery.